Our Social Workers are available on a first come-first serve basis: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:30am-11:30am & 1:30pm-3:30pm Tuesday: 1:30-3:30pm Friday: 8:30am-11:30am.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of our social workers, please call one of them directly to set up a convenient time.  If the worker you would like to see is unavailable, please leave a message with a way to reach you and your call will be returned to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Phil: 269-343-6073 x118
Evelyn: 269-343-6073 x116
Sarah: 269-343-6073 x119
Gwen: 269-343-6073 x113 

If you have any questions about the availability of the services listed below, please contact our Program Director at 269-343-6073-x122.

Birth Certificate/ID Program: MwC has a program to assist members in obtaining identification and/or copies of their birth certificates. MwC pays for the cost of the Birth Certificate or ID. This documentation is critical for those seeking employment and/or housing.

Domestic Violence Intervention: A member may be in an intimate partner violence situation. MwC is able to assist anyone in crisis and refer him/her to other agencies.

Glasses/Contact Lenses: MwC is able to provide some financial support for members seeking co-pay assistance. We work closely with the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission and Rx Optical to provide this service.

Tax Preparation: Social Workers refer members to organizations/sites that offer free tax preparation.

Household Goods: Social Workers provide members with referrals to local agencies such as Goodwill and Deacon’s Conference if they are in need of household items.

Voter Registration Offices: Social Workers refer members to this office when they need to register to vote. This contact also proves critical to our Birth Certificate and I.D. program as this is one of the documents that is accepted by Secretary of State to help obtain an I.D.

Clothing: Members may see one of our Social Workers if they are in need of clothing items.

Forms Assistance: Members may need assistance in filling out a variety of applications or forms. They may sign up to see a social worker for this service if needed.

Financial Management Support: Social Workers are able to meet with members to discuss budgetary difficulties. They also work with partnering agencies to assist with funds if necessary (transportation, prescriptions, evictions, etc).

Housing/Shelter: Social Workers are able to assist with emergency shelter, transitional housing, and permanent housing. MwC partners with agencies like HRI & KCMH to facilitate this process.

Shoes: Based on available donations, members may see a social worker to request boots or shoes.

Medical Equipment: MwC partners with Lending Hands to provide medical equipment to members.

Sam’s Bikes Program: Based on available donations, MwC provides bikes to members who need transportation to their places of employment.

Telephone Facilities: Members may sign up to see a Social Worker to make a long distance phone call, or for a more confidential setting to make calls to other agencies and/or family.

Bus Fare: When funds are available, Social Workers are able to provide bus tokens to members that have verifiable appointments (medical, employment, Social Security, Secretary of State).

Long Distance Transportation: When funds are available, Social Workers are able to assist with long distance transportation (ex: court, Social Security appointments).

Library Services: Members that do not have an I.D. are able to meet with a Social Worker in order to get a ‘”Verification of Identity” letter that they may bring to the Library in order to use their services.

Prescription Expense Assistance: When funds are available, Social Workers are able to cover co-pay assistance if the member is a patient at Family Health Center.

Employment Assistance: Social Workers can assist members in gaining employment. MwC partners with agencies that also focus on employment support (Michigan Works, Goodwill, MRC, and local temp agencies).

School Transcripts: Social Workers can assist members in procuring their school records. These documents help in obtaining other important documents like a birth certificate or Michigan I.D.

Lawyer Referral Services: Social Workers are able to refer members for legal counsel to Legal Aid of South West Michigan and private disability lawyers.

Notary Public Services: MwC is able to provide notary services for members. This service is necessary as a notarized document can help obtain a birth certificate.

Health Care: Social Workers are able to refer members to health care providers for vision, dental, mental, emotional, and general practice.