1,803 Pounds of Vegetables

On November 6, 2018, MwC staff harvested the last of the vegetables grown in our garden. Several baskets of red potatoes were dug up as rain fell and wind blew. Despite the inclement weather, it was a celebration for us.

This was the final harvest from the first garden we ever grew as an organization, and one that we will never forget. The garden itself was maintained almost entirely by self-organized members. They showed up early to water each morning, kept weeds to a minimum, and helped us harvest from each plant. Members also assisted in weighing everything we picked from the garden and logged the amounts in a notebook.

Including the final harvest of potatoes, the MwC garden produced 1,803 pounds of vegetables! Each vegetable picked went directly to our kitchen where staff prepared it for our members to eat at mealtimes.

We would like to thank our members, volunteers, and the Rotary Club of Oshtemo for making our dream of growing a garden possible.